Colin Cares for Colorado

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Colin was raised in a close-knit community and a home known for its strong work ethic and service to others. Even as a high school student, Colin a voice for change in the community. As President of the Empty Bowls/Community Gardeners Care Program, Colin united multiple community organizations to supply homeless shelters with tons of fresh produce per season.  
In 2006, Colin graduated from Marquette University in with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. In 2011 He went on to earn his J.D. from New England Law in Boston, Massachusetts. There, he met his wife, Erin Richards-Wilhelm, who grew up in Thornton, Colorado, and together, they have made Glenwood Springs, CO their home.
As a Member of the Colorado State Bar Association, Colin has brought a different kind of leadership to the Colorado community. His compassion, unwavering honesty and advocacy in have helped him earn the trust and respect of his community. Colin serves as Chair of the Glenwood Springs Transportation Commission, Commissioner of the Glenwood Springs Planning and Zoning Commission, and President of the Board of Directors of the United Way Battlement to The Bells.
Colin Wilhelm currently resides in Glenwood Springs, CO with his wife Erin and dogs Stoney and Margo.
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Important Issues

Health Care

We need to work on improving access to health care while lowering the costs of Health Insurance.  The 57th district currently has some of the highest health insurance costs in the State, while at the same time being such a large district it can be hard to access quality care, especially during an emergency.  There are currently some very interesting ideas within the private sector that we can tap into to help make this goal achievable. 


For a long time the 57th has been dependent on the oil and coal industries for a majority of the jobs.  I want to work with corporations to bring in new sectors of jobs and with these jobs new economic growth.  Working to bring in new sectors for jobs and economic growth will be a priority of mine I believe that working with the energy corporations we can grow new jobs and strengthen our economy.


Gender pay gap

For the last two decades, Colorado has lead the nation in working to eliminate the gender pay gap.  Despite Federal and Colorado laws, experts warn that women and men will not reach pay parity until 2059.  Working to reach pay parity will be a priority of mine, I believe this can be achieved by broadening the existing Colorado laws so that pay parity is reached well before 2059.

Renewable energy

Colorado has almost 300 sunny days a year, it would be great to bring in solar technology to the Western Slope while at the same time not displacing any of the current natural gas exploration. Bringing in renewable energy production to the 57th by 2020 will be a priority of mine and that starts with getting energy companies to the table in the Capital to discuss how we can achieve this goal.


Protecting the Environment.

The Western Slope is home to some of the most beautiful places in the Country.  Protecting this land for the enjoyment of the people will be a priority of mine.